Company Profile

Company Profile

Heechi Tech Limited (Hong Kong)

● Next Generation HNB heatiing solution: Air Heating

● Highly aggregated industrial supply chain

● Flexible cost policy makes your cost structure more competitive

● Unique patented heatstick for OEM/ODM



● Patented air heating solution

● 90% bake rate

● Much larger smoke than...

● 15-18 heatsticks per charge

● 13-15 puffs per heatstick

Supply Chain

● Flexible manufacturing line, flexible MOQ

● OEM / ODM available

● Flavor customization

Cost Structure

● Higher volume, lower price

● Free sample and shipping

About us

HEECHI Group was founded in 2015. The company is committed to HNB (Heat Not Burn) research. After years of R&D, HEECHI technology group already had a complete intellectual property system in HNB field and is able to produce series of devices under the protection of independent patent group. The company is aim to provide healthier products and better smoking experiences for smokers.

Our History 

In 2008, a group of materials and engineering professors got together to explore the field of heat and not burn, in order to explore a purer, healthier solution to tobacco heating. After 7 years of research and development, the first air heating non-combustion equipment was born. With the establishment of the group company, our team focuses on the optimization of the experience of different tobacco and tobacco free products. At present, the heatstick suitable for our equipment has been sold in 154 countries around the world. 

Why is heat not burn healthier

In the hundreds of years since the introduction of tobacco into human society, the harmful substances produced by tobacco burning have been a strong threat to people's health. Among them, tar as the main substance, is leading to smokers suffer from lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and other major diseases of the main reason.

HNB (heat not burn) technology minimizes the release of tar materials by baking at high temperatures rather than directly burning them.
HNB (Heat Not Burn) technology also reduce tar production, also lower concentrations of carbonyls, VOCs, CO, free radicals or nitrosamines when compared to conventional cigarette.
Reduce the exposure of its smokers to dangerous substances present in cigarette smoke, further does not generate secondhand smoke and substantially reduces the harmful effects of conventional tobacco while retaining the smoking experience.