Weekly News of Global New Tobacco Industry

1. Sweden’s parliament fails to pass flavour ban on e-cigarettes 

A proposal to ban the sale of flavored vaping products was finally rejected by the Swedish parliament last week. It is reported that the Swedish government’s Ministry of Social Affairs proposed a ban on fragrances in late February. If passed, the law would go into effect in January and would ban all flavors of e-liquids other than tobacco, including zero-nicotine fruity flavors.


2. Jiangsu Issues Instructions for Electronic Cigarette Retail Customers

According to news on June 23, recently, China National Tobacco Corporation Jiangsu Branch issued the operating instructions (trial version) for e-cigarette(heated herbal sticks supplier) retail customers in Jiangsu Province. Very detailed introduction.


3. The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China to promote the legalization and standardization of the development of the e-cigarette industry in an orderly manner

On June 19, the official website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration published an article saying that the development of the e-cigarette(heat not burn tabak) industry is progressing in an orderly and legalized manner. At present, a number of e-cigarette products that meet the national standards of “E-Cigarette” have successively passed the technical review. The transaction management platform has been officially launched.

Tobacco monopoly administrative departments at all levels will focus on urging e-cigarette(heating device manafacturer) retail entities to implement regulatory requirements such as ID verification and e-cigarette advertising removal. E-cigarette retail entities must strictly follow the requirements of e-cigarette regulatory policies and not sell e-cigarettes to minors , Do not publish electronic cigarette advertisements, implement the setting of warning signs, and do not engage in exclusive business activities.

4. Juul’s PMTA application rejected by FDA, will appeal

On June 23rd, Eastern Time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on its official website that it issued a listing refusal order to the e-cigarette company Juul Labs Inc. that day, and the company must stop selling all e-cigarette products, otherwise it will face administrative risk of penalties. It also means that the PMTA application submitted by Juul was rejected.

Regarding the FDA’s decision, Juul subsequently issued an official statement, saying that it respected but disagreed with the findings and decision and would appeal.

5. Cambodia to take emergency measures to ban use and sale of e-cigarettes

According to Cambodian media sources, on the morning of June 22, the Cambodian National Police Department ordered law enforcement officers to cooperate with relevant authorities to continue to investigate and crack down on the introduction and industry of hookah and e-cigarettes, as there seems to be a recent re-emergence of young people’s use in society. E-cigarette signs.

Mojito, deputy director of the National Police Agency, instructed law enforcement officers to take immediate measures to curb the use and sale of hookahs and e-cigarettes, and seize all related products. At the same time, measures are taken to stop the introduction and circulation of hookahs and e-cigarettes, and departments at all levels must join forces to crack down, bring education to those who sell these products, and destroy related products.