The Difference Between Mouth Suction & Lung Suction

A. Mouth Suction

The users first inhale the smoke and then gasp extra air to carry it into the lungs. At the beginning, due to technical limitations, most e-cigarette users smoked through their mouths compared with lung inhalation. With that, the smoke will stay in the user’s mouth for a longer time and will taste the tobacco oil while smoking.

1. Advantages

Due to slow inhalation, the vaporization rate of the fume is relatively slow and can be used for a longer time. And to avoid damages of the device, you don’t need excessive output power when inhaling.

The inhalation method will make the smoke stay in the user’s mouth for a longer time, which helps the user acquire a delicate taste experience of the smoke.

2. Disadvantages

The smoke volume is small due to a low output power of the device during inhalation and the pounding and roaring sensation generated by the smoke is weaker than the lung inhalation.

At present, oil drop atomizer and high-power atomizer have gradually occupied the mainstream of the market. Meanwhile, the inhalation method for low-power equipment is a little outdated.

B. Lung Suction

Lung inhalation involves the user to breathe in smoke directly into the lungs through an atomizer. Hence, dense smoke fills the lungs instantly, similar to hookah. The inhalation method of lung aspiration is commonly seen in oil drop or Sub-ohm nebulizer. With this, It brings intense impact experience to the user.

In addition to that, this large number of smoke will bring users a more rich taste experience. At the same time, due to the instantaneous evaporation and larger smoke volume, the cooling design of the atomizer is also very important. By then, the pounding and roaring sensation will be more obvious.

1. Advantage

User’s will get more full and rich smoke feeling that directly inhaled into the lungs which can bring users a stronger impact experience. Lung suction is the best way for users to chase clouds and fog.

 2. Disadvantages

To avoid accidents, be careful of choosing flue oil. Excessive PG and nicotine will lead you to an unbearable snarl. At the same time, due to poor oil conduction caused by dry cotton, burn will also become your nightmare.