Support E-cigarettes, Quit Conventional Cigarettes and Save 200 Million Lives”

The World Alliance of Electronic Cigarette Users today aimed at influencing international public health policy and save the lives of 200 million people worldwide thru its massive global campaign of Back vaping. Beat smoking.

Michael Landl a director of the World Alliance of E-Cigarette Users said that: “Significant research and evidences shows that on-trend e-cigarette policies can help millions of smokers quit. However, adoption of e-cigarettes (heat not burn herbal sticks) continues to struggle as policy makers come under pressure from anti-vaping groups. As well, our campaign will enable governments to seize the opportunity to save 200 million lives by ensuring that the public to understand the evidence and hear the voices of e-cigarette users.”

In addition to that, 2021 is a pivotal year for global public health policy. Two major milestones this year will determine whether governments will seize the opportunity to save million lives or restrict smokers’ access to life-changing tools to quit smoking. First is the ninth Conference of the Parties (COP9) to the global Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which will set the direction for global anti-smoking and e-cigarette policies. Then, there is the EU’s legislation on the Tobacco Products Directive currently under discussion in Brussels which will serve as a global benchmark for e-cigarette policy.

And as per Mr. Michael Landl, “At COP 9 and at the EU level, it is possible that global leaders are under pressure from anti-vaping campaigners that will introduce legislation that treats e-cigarettes on the same basis as conventional cigarettes. For this reason, millions of e-cigarette users will be forced to go back to traditional cigarettes if the tax on e-cigarettes will substantially increase. Additionally, sales of aromatic cartridges are banned and more stringent e-cigarette purchase policies are introduced.”

Furthermore, according to Mr. Michael Landl,”The governments will miss a huge opportunity to save lives if they ignore the fact that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes and have already helped millions of people quit smoking”. Though it’s critical to achieve that this year 2021, If countries get their e-cigarette policies right, there will be nearly 200 million lives could be saved. There are more and more heatsticks manufacturers appear.

The opportunity and intensions discussed with The World Alliance of E-Cigarette Users today are heard by all concerned parties. The Back vaping. Beat smoking campaign will send a clear message to all policymakers around the world that the best way to eradicate smoking is to promote e-cigarettes and incorporate them into public health policy.

Michael Landl concluded that, the reason for this campaign in Europe and around the world is for the concerned parties to hear the vital voices of the e-cigarette users. Where our campaign will include multiple activities online and in the real world to ensure that governments seize the opportunity to ‘support e-cigarettes and wean themselves off conventional cigarettes’.”