Russian heated tobacco demand rises by 26% in 2023

According to CRPT, the production of traditional cigarettes in Russia remains stable in 2023, accounting for 87.7% of domestic tobacco production, with an annual growth rate of 1%, while the demand for oral tobacco products and heated tobacco products(HNB) is growing. The conclusion was made by CRPT (' Honest Mark 'Marking Operator) based on data from the government marking system.


Heated tobacco products (heat not burn oem)increased from 858 million packs in 2022 to 1 billion packs in 2023, a 26% increase in production, accounting for 10% of the Russian tobacco market. The peak of production growth was seen in oral tobacco products, where production more than doubled to 5.8 million packs.


"The only tobacco product category that saw a decline in production during the year was cigarettes and cigars." Cigarette production fell 38% to 4.2 million packs from 6.9 million in 2022; Cigar production fell 8 percent to 1.3 million packs.


In 2023, Russian domestic tobacco companies(heatstick manufacturer) produced 96.6% of nicotine products on the local market, with stable production and a growth rate of 3% in 2023.


The "Honest Mark" government system for the labeling of tobacco products began in 2019, and from the beginning of 2022, the labeling code will be applied to nicotine-containing products.