New York State will implement new regulations on e-cigarettes in 2024

Starting in 2024, the state of New York will begin implementing marketing rules for e-cigarettes and vaping products similar to those for other tobacco products, Spectrumlocalnews reported.This will have a certain impact on some heatstick manufacturers and heatstick suppliers.


Manufacturers (heatstick manufacturers and heatstick suppliers.)and distributors will no longer be allowed to put brand names, logos or other logos on any products other than actual e-cigarettes. They cannot offer gifts related to the purchase of e-cigarettes, and brands are also prohibited from sponsoring various team activities and events, such as sports games and concerts.

According to Dr. Andrew Hyland, chairman of the Health Behavior Division at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, this is an important and welcome step in reducing tobacco smoking among youth. "These are very important,"


"It's a social statement. While the end of sponsorship will not completely eradicate tobacco smoking or vaping, it is one of its elements and a statement to the public."


The New York State Association of Convenience Stores said it supported the new law and others like it, but questioned its impact. Association president Kent Sopris noted that many of the products that will be promoted, such as flavored e-cigarettes including heat not burn oem, are already considered illegal goods at the state and federal levels.


"It may feel good to spend time focusing on marketing tricks and strategies. But that doesn't really work. The real solution to the problem is to close the stores that sell these products, "Sopris said.


He doesn't think the new law will have much of an impact on his association's members because his store doesn't often sell illegal products aimed at teenagers. And those stores that sell such products, he points out, don't seem worried about legal sanctions.


"I call on the sponsors of the bills, the governors and other constituents to really take a hard look at how to get these products off the streets, and we've had a lot of discussions with them, and we look forward to the upcoming budget year, and we want to see progress on that," Sopris reiterated.


The new law would also eliminate contractual provisions that suppress research on the health consequences of e-cigarettes including heat not burn oem.