New Breakthrough in Heat-Not-Burn HNB Track

If cigarettes have an empire, then we are now experiencing the end of this old era and the beginning of a new era. The traditional tobacco empire, which has been entrenched in China for four centuries, is being replaced by new electronic products (heets).

Many people who are accustomed to traditional cigarettes initially rejected e-cigarettes. Although these are continuously improved to make them closer to real cigarettes, they are still different from real cigarettes in terms of taste, lung penetration and convenience.

As well, the reason why it is called “new tobacco product” is because it does not use traditional tobacco “igniting”, but instead uses electronic equipment for heating. HNB products are interesting, mainly in terms of how to use it. In addition to electronic equipment, it will be directly heat a sheet made of tobacco. And it is called “heat not burn” in this industry.

In Addition to that, the simple summary of this technology is to bake the special “cigarette bombs” (China heatsticks supplier) by heating non-burning smoking devices and control the temperature below 350 ℃ which can not only release the nicotine and aromatic substances in the tobacco but also avoid the burning of the tobacco. The large amount of toxic and harmful substances produced while retaining the taste of tobacco is very suitable for smokers to replace traditional cigarettes and reduce the harm of tobacco. These products are Non burning, no open flame, no soot, low nicotine content, no second-hand smoke hazard, and low peculiar smell with the taste of almost real cigarettes that gives people the experience of smoking real cigarettes.

Heat Not Burn General Trend

With the advancement of global tobacco control actions, the growth rate of traditional tobacco is slowing down. And some markets have negative growth which has largely promoted the development of new tobacco products; the popularity of HNB products has further verified the value of heat-not-burn e-cigarettes. New tobacco products have gradually become a hot spot for research and development promoting the development of new tobacco products and are changing the consumption habits of smokers.

Among the various condemnations encountered by cigarettes, second-hand smoke has become the most criticized product and the reality is that indeed one of the most harmful products produced by tobacco. Where smoke inhaled by smokers is not as big as second-hand smoke and it includes the smoker himself.

Along with the reason why HNB products are so popular is that the smoke produced is very small and it has almost no effect on people around it except the smokers itself. But the essence of HNB (heat not burn tobacco)products is still tobacco. It just does not burn and reduces the emission of harmful substances to 20% of that of traditional cigarettes. However, there is still a certain degree of toxicity. As well, the use of pure natural herbs directly replaces tobacco from low tar to no tar maintaining a mellow taste. It does not contain any nicotine nor does contain any smoke oil and it will never cause any harm to the human body. The clean heating and non-burning steam will replace the harmful smoke emitted by traditional lit cigarettes.

In order to meet market demand and satisfy sellers, major companies have developed a variety of flavors which are deeply loved by new smokers.

Non-tobacco healthy herbal smoke bombs take advantage of the trend

These companies have made bold attempts to use pure natural plant ingredients to replace tobacco ingredients and apply them to heat-not-burn products. They do not contain nicotine. At the same time, take advantage of the smoke characteristics of HNB and the same method of use as smoking, so that the replacement of cigarettes becomes healthier.

At present, restrictions on nicotine products are becoming stricter on a global scale. “Replace nicotine” and make harm reduction products healthier and non-toxic is also a future development trend. And because of this, there have been related attempts in this area in the heat-not-burn and e-cigarette industries. It is hoped that with the development of technology, there will be more and more truly healthy and harmless harm-reduction products which will truly eliminate nicotine dependence.