Italy has introduced new rules to ban the use of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco devices

The city council of Bolzano, Italy, has approved a proposal by Team K to implement a total smoking ban in the Lido (public swimming pool area) of Bolzano. The ban aims to reduce exposure to passive smoking and promote a healthy lifestyle, and smoking is only allowed in specially designated areas.


The Lido (public pool area) in Bolzano is not considered a sports facility, so a total smoking ban has not been implemented before, which is particularly prone to harmful passive smoking given the high number of visitors.


Matthias Cologna, a city councillor for Team K, said it was "very important to protect the public from the dangers of passive smoking, especially in environments where there are many children and minors."


The decision closes a gap in public bathroom regulations, while banning smoking, e-cigarettes and tobacco heating devices.


The bill was supported by a cross-party majority, with only two votes against.


The municipality of Bolzano will work with the Lido to implement the smoking ban and set up designated smoking areas.