IQOS products debut at Kansai Airport, PMl Accelerate the layout of HNB products

According to dfnionline on January 25, following the completion of the renovation of Kansai International Airport in Japan, Philip Morris International (PMI) has launched a new display area for its heating non-combustion smoke products - IQOS.


Designed by Philip Morris, this latest IQOS display incorporates digital innovation to provide a customized experience for consumers with different needs. Including enabling consumers of appropriate age to personally feel and touch various IQOS products; Guide the trial area, let consumers try IQOS and taste a variety of Terea flavors, etc.


Among them, the special "IQOS Community Area" provides a comfortable resting space for travelers to interact with other age-appropriate users and share their experiences with IQOS. The Product News area presents the latest IQOS products in an innovative visual display that inspires consumers to have an interactive experience. Through RFID technology, IQOS interactive station allows consumers to see products in 3D visual effects, compare them, and get shopping help from shop assistants.


Edvinas Katilius, vice president of Tax exemption at Philip Morris, said: "With the opening of the new IQOS Zone at Kansai International Airport, we are rebranding the IQOS brand and redesigning the in-store consumer experience to provide a pleasant experience for age-appropriate travel consumers, and look forward to welcoming all age-appropriate nicotine users to experience the latest IQOS travel retail."


As of September 30, 2023, Philips Morris International's smoke-free products were sold in 82 markets worldwide, of which smoke-free products accounted for approximately 36.2% of net revenues in the third quarter of 2023.