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Global Market


The global E-cigarette(HNB and Vape) market is expected to reach USD 42.9 billion in 2028

According to the market research report released by Facts and Factors, the demand analysis value of the global E-cigarette(heated herbal sticks) market size and share revenue in 2021 is about 17.4295 billion US dollars, and it is expected to grow to 42.90636 billion US dollars by 2028, with an annual growth from 2022 to 2028 The rate is about 16.20%. There are four dimensions to analyze the global E-cigarette(Nicotine free herbal sticks) market: type, flavor, distribution channel and geography. In terms of market share in 2021, the share of refillable equipment will exceed 40%.


Global cigarette vending machine revenue to generate $1.3 billion in 2021

Allied Market Research recently released a report stating that the global cigarette vending machine industry generated $1.3 billion in revenue in 2021 and is expected to generate $2.2 billion in revenue by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% from 2022 to 2031 . In terms of regional share, North America accounts for nearly two-fifths of the global cigarette vending machine market, and by 2031, the Asia-Pacific region will reach the highest growth rate of 5.4%.


Cigarette sales in India expected to surpass pre-pandemic sales in 2022

Cigarette sales in India will reach 93 billion sticks this year, thanks to a stable tax system and increased mobility following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, according to a research report by rating agency Crisil. Paper prices are expected to rise 10% this fiscal year compared to 2020. India’s recent ban on single-use plastics has also pushed up product costs, forcing cigarette makers to switch to biodegradable materials. Increased cigarette sales will help cigarette manufacturers cope with rising input costs.


U.S. cigar imports rise

In 2022, the United States imported 21.4 million high-end cigars, a year-on-year increase of 3.8%. Most imported cigars came from Nicaragua (14.73 million) and Honduras (3.21 million), both higher than 2021 imports. In addition, imports from the Dominican Republic fell by more than 40%.


New tobacco


British American Tobacco launches new HNB product glo hyper X2 in Japan

British American Tobacco (BAT) has launched its latest and most advanced heated tobacco product, the glo hyper X2, in Tokyo, Japan. glo is British American Tobacco’s fast-growing global heated tobacco brand, and its latest innovation features a new “barrel” design. Building on the groundbreaking glo hyper+ launched in 2020, the hyper X2 encapsulates advanced induction heating technology in in a smaller, lighter device.


Juul temporarily escapes FDA ban

Juul Inc. recently got out of the U.S. FDA’s ban on its products. The e-cigarette maker filed an emergency motion in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit seeking support for a stay of the sales ban. The U.S. market accounts for more than 90 percent of Juul’s global sales. According to Nielsen data, Juul has the largest share of the US e-cigarette market at 35.7%, followed by British American Tobacco with 31.1% and NJOY with 3%.


Tobacco and Law


US opposition to ban flavored tobacco is strong

The FDA recently received more than 110,000 comments about banning the sale of flavored tobacco products such as menthol cigarettes. Many have written against the ban, which business owners say will force layoffs, and menthol cigarette smokers who see the proposed restrictions as an unfair attack on individual liberties. Meanwhile, some support the ban. Therefore, the FDA extended the comment period for the ban.


UK launches new tobacco product tracking system

The United Kingdom recently launched a new tobacco product tracking system, providing the British government with a digital, data-driven traceability function for the entire tobacco supply chain. The new tracking system uses the advantages of digital technology to monitor and track the flow of legal tobacco products, helping UK authorities to detect and combat different forms of illicit trade, thereby curbing the flow of non-compliant products and increasing national tax revenue while protecting citizens and legal interests of the company.