E-cigarettes or Traditional Tobacco

This is a major concern for many consumers who switch from tradition cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Besides, there is no authoritative explanation on the internet about this matter. Therefore, let’s compare e-gigarettes and traditional cigarettes to see which one is more harmful.


Cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens ingredients which are chemically refined that are not found in e-cigarettes. In view of this, smoke is harmful compared to e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are advantageous. Hence, we suggest making one’s choice of using it rather than real cigarettes.


E-cigarettes don’t have any harmful ingredients like tar, carbon monoxide and all other dangerous components that cigarettes do. They only contain nicotine and nicotin. In addition to that, you cannot take too much of a traditional tobacco. Because If you smoke 8 packs of real cigarettes a day, you can possibly experience nicotine poisoning. Or nevertheless, you may go straight to heaven with the help of those damaging ingredients before you get intoxicated.

A.Electronic cigarettes more or less do not produce second-hand smoke. It pricesely produce a relatively small amount of it. In addition, consumers cannot inhale the damaging smoke. And the impact of this situation to the people around and real smokers of second-hand smoke, are almost negligible.

B.E-cigarette can artificially control the nicotine content and can gradually reduce the nicotine content when in use. But eventually will still achieve the effect of smoking cessation.


A.Smoking causes cancer

According to professional data statistics, the incidence of lung cancer is 10-50 times higher in comparison of smoking than non-smoking people. British experts said that 35 thousand smoking people experienced this circumstance in 50 years of research. And this results shows that; lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, sinus cancer, liver cancer and other 11 cancers have a great relationship with smoking.


People who smoke for a long time may encounter earlier than the average person an osteoporosis and menopause. Thus, men may also experience the loss of sexual function and fertility that will affect the relationship between couples.

C.Smoking causes a lack of concentration.

Ninety nine percent of people think that smoking can eliminate tiredness, relieve boredom and refresh them. But researchers show that smoking has a serious impact on people’s intelligence and memory.

Electronic cigarettes

E-cigarette consists of battery stick, atomizer and cigarette bomb. Virtual cigarettes/ Electronic vaporizers also known as E-CIGARETTES are used to quit smoking and an alternative to real cigarettes. Initially, it looks and tastes like regular cigarettes. But e-cigarettes have a bunch of different flavors and can be smoked handily than regular cigarettes.

According to published experiments, the risk of smoking a cigarette for a day is far greater than smoking e-cigarette for a year. The toxic substances emitted by ordinary cigarettes are 9 to 450 times higher compared to e-cigarettes. Now, which is more harmful: e-cigarettes or tobacco? Needless to say, tobacco is obviously more harmful.

Furthermore, E-cigarette is a scientific product which substitutes tobacco by mimicking the taste of real taste of it. Therefore, e-cigarette is useful to people who wants to quit smoking.