E-cigarettes are Growing Rapidly Around the World

According to the latest figures from the Global Organization for Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR), there are currently approximately 82 million e-cigarette(heat not burn sticks) users worldwide. As stated by the report, the number of users in 2021 has increased by 20% compared with the data in 2020 (about 68 million), and e-cigarettes (heets alternative) are growing rapidly around the world.


Furthermore, The U.S. is the largest e-cigarette (heated tobacco manufacturer) market worth $10.3 billion, followed by Western Europe ($6.6 billion), Asia Pacific ($4.4 billion) and Eastern Europe ($1.6 billion), according to GSTHR.In reality, the number of vapers worldwide is increasing despite GSTHR’s database showing that 36 countries including India, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Sri lanka, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Qatar, Thailand, Uganda, Syria and Turkey have banned nicotine vaping products.


Moreover, as stated by Tomasz Jerzynski, data scientist at GSTHR said that, “In addition to the overall trend of a large increase in the number of e-cigarette users worldwide, our research shows that in some countries in Europe and North America, the user growth rate of nicotine e-cigarette(tobacco heatsticks) products is particularly significant. Each year, 8 million people worldwide die from smoking cigarettes/ tobacco.On the other hand,  E-cigarettes provide a safer alternative to cigarettes for 1.1 billion smokers worldwide. Therefore, the growth in the number of e-cigarette users is a very important way to reduce the harm of combustible cigarettes. positive trend.”


In actual fact, a great distance as 2015, Public Health England stated that vaping nicotine products, also known as e-cigarettes, are about 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Then in 2021, Public Health England revealed that vaping products had become the main tool used by UK smokers to quit smoking and the journal Cochrane Review found that nicotine vaping was more effective than other quit methods, including nicotine replacement therapy.


Compare with Vaping products, there’s another type of e-cigarettes are getting more attention in the market. It’t HTP(Heating products), also know as heat not burn products. HTP represent a heating system that heats tobacco-like products at a relative low temperature and provides smoke experience similar with conventional cigarette. A typical HTP portfolio including heating device and heatsticks.