Demand For Compliant E-cigarettes Has Increased In Russia

Russian customs clearance company: The demand for compliance e-cigarette products(heated tabac supplier) has increased and it is necessary to prepare three months in advance.


Since April 1, Russia has implemented an "honest labeling" policy to regulate the e-cigarette market, requiring the wholesale import of e-cigarettes(tobacco heatsticks manufacturer) to upload the retail information of related products to the honest labeling system. E-cigarette products without labels will not be able to pass through Russian customs.


With the official implementation of the "honest label" system has been more than half a year, the two supreme to the Russian local customs clearance company - Russian clearance general manager Wang Juncheng on November 20, to understand the latest situation of the Russian electronic cigarette market.


Wang Juncheng introduced that the Russian market now has a large demand for compliance products, and due to policy reasons, there are few gray channels that can walk the market at present. Moreover, since August, the transportation time of some gray customs goods has also been extended from about 30 days before to 2 to 3 months.


Over the past two months, Russian compliance logistics companies have seen a significant increase in traffic. Wang Juncheng revealed that Russia's customs clearance votes were also 3 to 4 times more than before. In addition, the logistics cost of compliant e-cigarettes is also rising, which has risen from more than 30 yuan per kilogram to more than 40 yuan.


He pointed out that the main reason for the increase in freight volume of compliance logistics providers is the sharp rise in demand for e-cigarette terminal stores and distribution stores. In the Russian e-cigarette(heat not burn tobacco) market, most terminal stores, supermarket chains and distributors only accept compliant products. Although some stores may sell both compliant and non-compliant products, the rate of compliance products is gradually increasing, and the proportion of compliance products is as low as 50%.


Wang Juncheng reminded that due to the high value and taxes of compliance products, it is difficult to carry out large-scale transportation like gray pass products, and only small batch transportation can be carried out. In addition, the process of applying for an honest label for a compliant product is relatively cumbersome, while ensuring compliance channels in logistics, distribution and stores takes a long time. Therefore, he said that if companies want to comply with the listing of products on the Russian market, they need to be fully prepared at least three months in advance.


In addition, Wang Juncheng also revealed that as far as he knows, Russia will raise the tax on cigarette oil in early 2024, when the cost of e-cigarette products will double.