Come And Visit The World's Largest Tobacco Show

From September 14 to 16, Germany's "green city" Dortmund once again held the world's largest tobacco exhibition InterTabac and InterSupply. For years, the tobacco industry has been meeting here at the same time to talk to each other.

This exhibition is grand in scale and full of highlights. More than 680 companies from 60 countries participated in the exhibition, covering traditional tobacco, next-generation products(heat not burn heatsticks supplier), supply chain and other fields, including world boxing champion Mike Tyson and German rapper Sido. During the three-day event, exhibitors focus on business dialogue, including official representatives of different countries and representatives of various associations, face to face to engage in key topics of interest, and visitors can take the opportunity to learn the whole picture of the industry.


E-cigarette lineup is strong and full of highlights

Of the more than 680 exhibitors this year, 150 are from the e-cigarette(heated tabacco heatsticks manufacturer) sector. At the same time, the double exhibition also welcomed the newly established organization - Independent European E-Cigarette Alliance (IEVA).

In June, the duo announced a partnership with the organization. IEVA, together with the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce e-Cigarette Industry Committee (IECCC), the e-Cigarette Technology Association (VTA) and the United Kingdom E-Cigarette Industry Association (UKVIA), launched the Global E-Cigarette Alliance (GVA), which aims to coordinate global resources to promote sustainable development and cooperation among e-cigarette companies. On September 13, the exhibition witnessed the signing of the "Global e-Cigarette Alliance Declaration" by the founder of GVA. The organization's first "gathering" was held at the Dortmund Pavilion, with 10 participants from 16 countries on four continents already in attendance.

Many exhibitors in the field of e-cigarettes are mainly distributed in Halls WH, 1, 1B and 2, and there are also related exhibitors in other halls, such as booth C32 in Hall 7, which is a common booth for Great Wall cigars and wide and narrow heated cigarettes. Exhibitors include InnoCigs and InTrade Concepts from Germany, VapeDinnerLady, PodSalt and Vapegold from the UK, IzyVape from Croatia, HEECHI from China, Xtra from the UAE and Keva Flavors from India, It covers almost the entire e-cigarette industry.

In addition to the large number of exhibitors, the double Show will also feature some exciting support programs for e-cigarette enthusiasts, including panel discussions on "The e-cigarette industry's ongoing challenges - the Need for Collaboration," "Global e-cigarette Trends and Forecasts 2024," and "The Next Phase of Harm Reduction Products - Industry and expert Insights." Representatives from multinational tobacco companies and industry representatives will share valuable insights on harm reduction tobacco in different countries and the next steps the industry should take.


The double exhibition debut lived up to its reputation

Founded in 1978, InterTabac and InterSupply have been successfully held for 42 years and are one of the largest, oldest and most watched tobacco industry events in Europe and the world.

The exhibition will be attended by international market leaders and industry representatives from the fields of cigars, cigarillos, cigarettes, pipes, hand-rolled cigarettes, self-rolled cigarettes, fine cut tobacco and tobacco leaves, smoking accessories, printing presses and IT, point-of-sale systems, vending machines, hookah and accessories, e-cigarettes and next generation products. Leading global brands will appear at this year's Dortmund Tobacco Show, launching new products to warm up the 2024 market, including China's leading cigar brand Great Wall Cigar.

One of the highlights of this exhibition is to hold a number of forums, inviting industry experts and business people to participate in discussions, explaining the pressing issues and challenges facing the industry, covering all relevant topics in the industry and revealing a range of current trends. In line with this year's slogan "Together for Tomorrow", the biennial will also focus on themes that help strengthen and shape the spirit of cooperation in the industry, further enhancing its thematic leadership.


Extensive Cooperation and Association Help

As the world's largest trade show, InterTabac and InterSupply bring together top decision makers from the retail, manufacturing and service sectors, including ambassadors from many countries. More than 40% of the visitors came from countries other than Germany. Countries such as Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Cuba will send representatives from their embassies in Germany to attend the exhibition. The Consulate General of Turkey and the Romanian Chamber of Foreign Trade will also attend the double exhibition.

In addition, the wide range of partners also greatly assisted the exhibition, These include the German Tobacco Industry and Next Generation Products Association, the German Cigarette Association, the North Rhine-Westphalia Retailers Association, the German Smoking Tobacco Industry Association, the German Cigar Industry Association, the German Federal Tobacco Retailers Association, the European Independent e-Cigarette Federation and the German Hookah Tobacco Association, the Smoke-Free Alliance and the German e-Cigarette Retailers Association. The European Cigar Manufacturers' Association, the European Tobacco Association, the American Cigar Association, the European Cigarette Association, the European Smoking Association, the International Tobacco Growers' Association and the German Association of Wholesale Tobacco Products and Vending Machine Installers will also be present. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce e-cigarette professional committee sent a delegation to the double exhibition for the first time. All this suggests that Dortmund 2023 will once again be a "one-stop shop" for the entire tobacco industry.

The German Shisha Tobacco Association is the latest organization to partner with InterTabac and InterSupply. For the first time as the designated partner of the double show, the association's experts will help prepare and co-design the shisha theme area, providing ideas and inspiration for the shisha theme area, ensuring that this year's show continues to offer up-to-date and engaging content for all B2B visitors. The association hopes to use this partnership to increase public awareness of hookah consumption as a cultural asset and its role in achieving social cohesion.