British Mistakenly Believe That Electronic Cigarettes Are More Harmful Than Smoking

According to the New York Times, public health experts in London said that more than half of British smokers now mistakenly believe that e-cigarettes (HNB heatstick) containing nicotine are as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes. These false fears are preventing smokers from switching to e-cigarettes to cigarettes.

In a report commissioned by the British health agency and PHE, scientists at King’s College London stated that after thousands of lung injury cases were reported in the United States at the end of 2019. Because of this announcement, people mistakenly believed that e-cigarettes are better than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Meanwhile, they said that this idea is completely inconsistent with expert comments in the United Kingdom and the United States. And the conclusion is that, the use of regulated nicotine e-vapor products is far less harmful than smoking.

In addition to that, PHE Health Improvement Director John Newton said that what’s worrying is the extent to which the outbreak of lung disease in the United States has affected the perception of e-cigarettes smokers in the United Kingdom. He said that safety concerns are likely to prevent many smokers from switching to e-cigarettes and leaving them on the path of poor health and premature death due to smoking.

Furthermore, the U.S. health department said that vitamin E acetate and a thickener added to cannabis electronics may be the main cause of the flu outbreak in the United States. For that reason, the PHE report reiterated the agency’s view that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco. Yet unsafe.

Therefore, PHE said in the report summary that the harmful chemicals they contain will greatly reduce smoking-related diseases. But the long-term effects of e-cigarette use remain unknown for a period of time. They as well added that, as the United States and other countries have done any move by the United Kingdom to ban the use of flavors in regulated e-cigarette products. Also, the US government has proposed a complete ban on all e-cigarette flavors and these products are seen as attracting to young users to use the product.

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