2022 InterTabac and InterSupply are Coming Back

At 10:00 a.m. local time in Dortmund, Germany, on September 15th, the world’s leading tobacco(heated tobacco) trade fairs, InterTabac and InterSupply, made a strong comeback amid the industry’s long-awaited expectations! The exhibition lasted for 3 days and was held in the Dortmund Exhibition Center, which covers an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters. More than 650 exhibitors and more than 14,000 visitors from about 69 countries around the world are expected to attend the show, including top decision makers from wholesale, retail, manufacturing and service sectors.


InterTabac and InterSupply are important international conference platforms held every September in Dortmund, Germany. In the past two years, due to the global spread of the Covid-9 epidemic, the exhibition has been suspended twice in 2020 and 2021. This year finally returned to people’s attention again. According to the organizer, the ticket sales are hot, and they were sold out half a year ago.


In this offline exhibition, the focus will still be on exchanging ideas, showcasing and trying out new products, and one of the innovations is the establishment of the “International Cigar Hall”. In addition, a series of keynote speeches, discussion forums, and sessions on current trends and topics in the industry will be organized.


Star to help

Heavy! Two real superstars from the US and Germany will be at the show. Multiple-time boxing world champion Mike Tyson will be at InterTabac on September 16 and will be presenting his collection at exhibitor “Futurola”‘s booth. German Hollywood actor and former bodybuilder Ralf Moeller visited the show on September 17 as a star guest, and visitors can take pictures with him in front of the social media wall at the entrance to the north gate.


Traditional tobacco is still the focus, the proportion of new tobacco is increasing

There are three entrances and exits for the nine exhibition halls of this exhibition. In addition to the main entrance to Westfalenhalle, as in previous years, the north and west gates are also open, allowing visitors to quickly and easily reach all exhibitor booths.


This year, traditional areas such as cigars, cigarettes, pipes, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco continued to be the focus of the show. Exhibitors from these fields occupy the largest areas in Halls 4 to 7. In addition to established long-term exhibitors, many new faces have joined. For example, JRE Tobacco, Black Star Line Cigars, Blue Mountain Cigars and Cornelio Cigar at “International Cigar Hall”. Thematically, this year’s focus on Traditional Tobacco is on handcrafted high-end cigars from family-owned manufacturers, as well as limited edition or new high-quality designs for pipe lovers.


Hall 6 covers the field of end-of-line sales, a variety of specialized trade-focused exhibitors and well-known wholesalers, presenting current topics and trends for retailers and other interested parties. The pavilion also features store equipment and checkout systems for the retail industry, including peripheral products such as printed products, spirits and lighters.


Halls 1 and 2 showcase Next Generation Products (NGP). In recent years, NGPs have been complementary to traditional markets, including heat not burn(herbal heatsticks supplier), all products related to vaping, e-cigarettes and e-liquids, as well as potentially low-risk products (PRRP) and cannabidiol (CBD). “Snuff”, popular in Scandinavia, will also be displayed here. Both pavilions feature encouraging visitors to test different products and flavors.

Parts of Hall 6 and the entire Hall 8 showcase shisha and related accessories.

Hall 3 is the InterSupply Hall, where visitors can gain comprehensive information about the production process of tobacco products and liquids, as well as their processing and packaging. Here, like the other pavilions, dozens of new exhibitors have joined and it’s worth seeing.


Themed conferences and tasting activities are brilliant

In addition to new exhibitors, products and trends, attendees will have access to a range of themed sessions covering all the topics and challenges currently facing the industry.

In the area of ​​traditional tobacco, the “Cigar with Rum” event was held on September 15th and 16th. Experts use unusual combinations to create new taste experiences for trade visitors. In addition, in the September 16 lecture, Scott Pearce and Josh Habursky from the American “Premium Cigar Association” will present strategies for successfully combating the excessive regulation of the premium cigar market by the US federal government.

In the NGP booth, some up-and-coming stars from the next generation product space will present themselves in the London/Bruges conference room on September 15th at 1:30pm. On September 16th at 11:00am, industry-leading experts will be here to talk about the trendy topic of cannabis.


In addition, a thematic session on the political situation of the tobacco market will be held. At 1:30 pm on the 15th, lawyer Pablo Cano Trilla delivered a speech entitled “EU Overview: Market and Regulatory Trends on Tobacco Alternatives” in the London/Bruges conference room, giving an important boost to the legal aspects of the NGP market. The Confederation of European Tobacco Retailers (C.E.D.T.) held open discussions in the same room on cutting-edge topics such as nicotine pouches, cannabis lamps, tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes. Jason, the diplomatic assistant of the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (ECCC), will also give a wonderful speech at this exhibition, with the theme of “China’s Electronic Cigarette Policy, Tobacco Monopoly License and Impact on Electronic Cigarette Trade”.

Hookah lovers can participate in the “Hookah Wars Euro 2022″. A jury composed of celebrities from major international hookah companies will select the best teams to make hookah on site. The competition begins on September 16 at 4:00 pm in the Novgorod Hall at the North Gate.


New changes in the double exhibition

In 2022, the double show will add a series of exclusive tasting sessions and sessions where experts will extensively discuss key topics such as the new legal framework and industry recovery. New digital offerings will enhance online presence.


New types of tobacco are taking an increasing share. British American Tobacco (BAT), one of the four major multinational tobacco companies, had a wide range of products on the stand. BAT’s e-cigarette brand vuse and heat-not-burn brand glo made a big splash at this exhibition. Its current main push HYPER series occupies most of the booth.



Since its establishment in 1978, InterTabac has successfully held 39 sessions. It is the most important exhibition in the international tobacco field, providing the largest trade exhibition platform for exhibitors and professional visitors, and successfully helping them expand the European market through a professional exhibition platform. The 40-year history and development of InterTabac has proven its important role in the global market. Each edition of the show tracks developments in related industries, enabling participants to broaden their knowledge and horizons, and is therefore praised for its diversity and focus on innovation.